Welcome to Ubambo Investment Holdings Ltd

Ubambo Investment Holdings Limited (“Ubambo”) is a medium sized black controlled investment holding company that was established in 1998 to pursue investments in the Communication, Gaming and Infrastructure sectors.

The portfolio of investments has been trimmed over the years leaving an effective 2,5% shareholding in Cell C (held via CellSaf) and a 25% stake in N17 Toll Operators (Pty) Ltd. These are both passive investments and Ubambo has limited ability to influence the underlying performance of these investments. Consequently the executive management team and head office overheads have been significantly cut back.

Whilst Ubambo is a public company, it is not listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and in its present format is highly unlikely to be listed, nor has it ever represented that it will. Over the years an OTC ("Over The Counter") market emerged without Ubambo playing an active or supporting role in this development. Various Financials Advisors and / or Investment Brokers became market makers and unfortunately made representations purporting to come from Ubambo, about Ubambo`s investments and listing prospects.
This led to shares being traded at over R3.00 per share. The latest audited NAV (February 2007) shows a value closer to 70 cents per share.

Gary Harlow, a prominent and experienced businessman, accepted the appointment to become Non-Executive Chairman in April 2007 and committed himself to oversee, together with the other directors, a process of getting the annual audited financial statements up to date and improving communication with shareholders.

The directors have subsequently undertaken a review of the investment strategy of Ubambo and disposed of non-performing assets. Earlier this year Ubambo sold its effective stake of 25% in Emerald Casino for R45 million. The proceeds have been used to settle outstanding debt , including tax owing to the South African Revenue Service.

Directors: GD Harlow (Non-Executive Chairman), SP Simelane, OFE Moola, MSC Bawa (Executive).

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